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On The Scene in 2019
As we are coming face to face with a new year, it is important to remember that prayer is what we have to kickoff with. Communication and staying connected to the Father is the very thing that will make this all possible. There will be times when it gets rough and we are asking ourselves 'Why are we here? Why are we doing this?'. It is that time that we look to the Creator of it all and receive our help, marching orders, motivation, and life once again! There is no way that we can do this on our own. We never want to think that we could make it on our own. 

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Summer Camp is June 15th-21st!!! It will be an incredibly exciting week that you do not want to miss! Sign up by clicking the link below.

With an enrollment of 930 students, Ballou has the largest population of students in Southeast DC. Currently, we have a team of volunteers who know tons of kids and have a strong desire for student's to graduate, go to the next level in life, and fall in love with the Lover of their soul. We hold a club of 60 teens and a Campaigners of 17 students. We can and want to reach more kids! Help us!

Every Wednesday during lunch, Ballou students make their way to a welcoming art room where they are loved, heard, motivated, and empowered. They are given the opportunity to be kids again. 

"At first, I thought that Young Life was corny. But, I came back and I realized that it wasn't corny, it was fun! It was the type of fun that I forgot about. I love Young Life." - Markel, Young Life Club Kid

There are a ton of kids to reach and a ton of opportunity to reach them. The DC, MD, and VA area is full of wealth. Unfortunately, the kids in the communities that we serve do not come from ​​​such backgrounds where wealth can be identified in dollar form. We need your assistance to bring exposure, consistency, and opportunity to the kids in this part of the city! They deserve it and so do you! To give is a blessing.

Would you consider joining our family by becoming a reoccuring donor or giving a one time gift? Click below to join in!​







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